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Direct Secure Messaging

Direct Secure Messaging

NC HealthConnex utilizes Secure Exchange Solutions (SES) as our HISP (health information services provider), which is also a participant in the DirectTrust framework. Full participants are eligible to receive a unique secure email address assigned in the NC HIEA Direct domain. Users will have the ability to append files containing Protected Health Information to their Direct messages. For more information, see the DSM Fact Sheet.

DSM Provider Directory

The Provider Directory is a directory of secure email addresses of NC HealthConnex participants and North Carolina providers participating in DirectTrust.

*If you would like a DSM account, please reach out to the NC HealthConnex Participant Account Administrator (PAA) for your facility to request an account be created.  If you do not know how to reach your PAA or have general questions about DSM, please contact the SAS NC HealthConnex Help Desk at or call 919-531-2700.