Staff and Partners

NC HIEA Professional Staff

The NC HIEA’s leadership and operations are carried out by its professional staff and technology partners, in consultation with an Advisory Board of health care and IT leaders appointed by the NC General Assembly. The NC HIEA is housed in the Government Data Analytics Center (GDAC) in the NC Department of Information Technology (NC DIT).

Professional Staff

Christie Burris, Executive Director

Jason Buckner, Assistant Director | Analytics Manager

Michael Crist, Project Implementation Manager

Vanessa Green, Health Analytics Lead

Anna Szamosi, Legal Counsel | Assistant Attorney General

Kellie McDonald, Provider Relations | Business Office Manager

Brittani Adams, Provider Relations

Sharon Hinton, Provider Relations

Jessica Brehmer, Business Development & Outreach Specialist

Kenya Servia, Business Development & Outreach Specialist

TorQuailla Aultman, HIE Public Health Specialist

Michelle Hunt, HIE Public Health Specialist






Our Partners

SAS Institute - The NC HIEA’s technical partner is SAS Institute. Through innovative analytics, business intelligence and data management software and services, SAS helps customers at more than 80,000 sites make better decisions faster. SAS also operates the NC HIEA Technical Support Help Desk.

Orion Health - The NC HIEA’s health information exchange software is provided by Orion Health. Founded in 1993 Orion Health is a leading global, independently owned software organization. With an inherent ability to interconnect a wide variety of healthcare information systems, Orion Health has become the world’s leading provider of Health Information Exchange (HIE) and healthcare integration solutions.

DirectTrust - DirectTrust is a collaborative non-profit association of 142 health IT and health care provider organizations to support secure, interoperable health information exchange via the Direct message protocols. DirectTrust has created a “trust framework” that extends use of Direct exchange to over 59,000 health care organizations and 1,273,279 Direct addresses/accounts. This trust framework supports both provider-to-provider Direct exchange and bi-directional exchange between consumers/patients and their providers.