See Who's Connected - Map

NC HealthConnex Participants


  • To search a facility by name, city, or a specific adress, click the magnifying glass located at the top left of the map and type name or address.
  • To filter by provider type, use tab in the upper right corner of map and click the drop down arrow.

Once you click on a location, an information box will appear to the left.  IF the participant is connected or live in production, the data elements we receive will be checked.


  • If you zoom in to a specific location, and you zoom back out, you must use the provider type filter on the top right of the map to reselect the provider type you would like to view.
  • On search, multiple locations with the same address will populate in the results. [i.e. if you search WakeMed, a UNC facility that is located within the WakeMed hospital will populate.]

** Future Feature: We'll be linking the Participant Map and Participant Table. Stay tuned! **

Hospital Laboratory Multi Other
Outpatient Pharmacy Unknown