Extension Process

Per NCGS § 90-414.4 (a2) the NC HIEA, in consultation with the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS), has established a process to grant limited extensions of the time for providers and entities to connect to NC HealthConnex and begin submitting data as required by law.

The NC HIEA and DHHS understand that many health care providers will not be able to connect to NC HealthConnex by the mandated deadlines. The General Assembly has permitted the NC HIEA and DHHS grant extensions to health care providers if they can meet certain criteria. Any organization that is not live and is effected by the June 1, 2019, deadline will automatically receive an extension once they have a Participation Agreement on file.

If you recently submitted your Participation Agreement and fall under the June 1, 2019, deadline, you will receive notice of your approved extension when your executed Participation Agreement is returned to you. There is no need to submit a request for an extension.

Due to the recent volume of agreements submitted, please allow 6-8 weeks to receive your executed agreement. As long as you have submitted a Participation Agreement, your Medicaid reimbursements will not be adversely effected.

Important Information

  • Participants who are in the queue to connect and are moving forward in the technical process, will automatically receive an extension and remain in compliance.

  • New participants who are mandated to connect by June 1, 2019, will automatically receive an extension if they are still in the queue to connect on their deadline.

Please note: Participants must remain responsive with the NC HealthConnex technical team and continue to move forward in the connection process. The extension is not a waiver, but simply an extended period of time to finish the connection build.

  • All health care providers must connect to NC HealthConnex by June 1, 2020, as required by law, so no extension deadlines will be set beyond June 1, 2020.

  • This process is not a request for a waiver/exemption from the state’s requirements, but an extension of time to meet the state’s requirements. It simply allows more time for the technical onboarding to occur to be in compliance with the HIE Act.

Frequently Asked Questions