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Value-Added Features

In addition to the core functionality of the NC HealthConnex health information exchange infrastructure, we offer additional value-added features for full participants that are designed to integrate more complete patient information into care delivery.

NC HealthConnex Clinical Portal - The Clinical Portal can be used to query and exchange patient records, view the longitudinal patient record, and access other features.

Provider Directory - The Provider Directory is a directory of secure email addresses of NC HealthConnex participants and North Carolina providers participating in DirectTrust.

Direct Secure Messaging - NC HealthConnex utilizes Orion Health as our HISP (health information services provider), which is also a participant in the DirectTrust framework. Full participants are eligible to receive a unique secure email address assigned in the NC HIEA Direct domain. Users will have the ability to append files containing Protected Health Information to their Direct messages. For more information, see the DSM Fact Sheet.

Registries -The NC HIEA is a proud partner with the North Carolina Division of Public Health (NCDPH) and is working alongside this agency to deliver public health registry reporting for full participants through the NC HealthConnex connection.

  • NCIR - Bi-directional routing of patient immunization information through a common NC HealthConnex interface. This is only available to participants who complete the NCIR onboarding process with the the Immunization Branch of NCDPH.
  • ELR - Electronic reporting from laboratories to the NCDPH of laboratory reports which identify required reportable communicable diseases and conditions.
  • Diabetes - The NC HIEA is pleased to announce that effective June 1, 2018, the NC Diabetes Specialized Public Health Registry, developed in partnership with the Division of Public Health, will be available for population health purposes. Full participants of NC HealthConnex are eligible to participate in the registry by signing the NC HealthConnex Diabetes Registry Form. Data submitted to NC HealthConnex will be included in the Diabetes Registry, as appropriate. No additional data submission from participants is required.  The NC HealthConnex Diabetes Registry supports attestation for Meaningful Use Stage 3 and Modified Stage 2 for eligible hospitals, eligible critical access hospitals, and eligible professionals as well as Medicare Quality Payment Program Advancing Care Information for eligible clinicians. More information on the diabetes registry is available.  The registration form is available here.    

eHealth Exchange - The NC HIEA is a participant of the eHealth Exchange enabling NC HealthConnex to integrate neighboring state HIEs, federal agencies, etc. Full participants are able to access the eHealth Exchange connections via the Clinical Portal. We are currently live with the Georgia HIE, GaHIN, and the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs HIE (V HIE).

Training - NC HIEA offers training for Clinical Portal use, DSM, and other HIE features.

Data Quality - The NC HIEA places a significant emphasis on NC HealthConnex’s data quality. This program is considered to be foundational and will directly impact all of the NC HealthConnex’s value-added services. The following high-level goals have been identified as core components of the data quality program:

  • Participant Onboarding
  • Real-time Data Monitoring
  • Participant Education to support Quality Improvement and other initiatives
  • Maintain High Quality Data

Core HIE Components

Core technical components that form the backbone of the HIE and support the exchange of patient information include the following:

Master Patient Index – A database that maintains a unique index (or identifier) for every patient whose information has been received by NC HealthConnex.

Provider Directory – A secure messaging directory that contains individual level information on health care providers who have a direct secure messaging account in North Carolina.

Integration Engine – The Mirth Connect Integration Engine is an interoperability platform that receives all connections and moves clinical and demographic data to the HIE. This tool set also provides the capabilities to edit and transform data, to map data to national standard code sets, and to map data between differing formats.

Clinical Data Repository (CDR) – A comprehensive database that houses patient demographic and clinical information, all entity and individual user identity information, and maintains all individual data transactions received by NC HealthConnex. The CDR powers our clinical portal and serves as the source of truth for our longitudinal health record.