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North Carolina Is Working to Modernize Health Information Exchange

As you may be aware, the North Carolina Health Information Exchange Authority (NC HIEA) was created in September 2015 to oversee and administer North Carolina’s HIE (NCGS 90-414.7). Now called, NC HealthConnex, North Carolina's state-operated HIE is a secure electronic network that facilitates conversations between authorized health care providers by allowing them to access and share health-related information statewide.

 The legislation requires:

  • By February 1, 2018, all Medicaid providers must be connected and submit data to the HIE in order to continue to receive payments for Medicaid services provided.
  • By June 1, 2018, all other entities that receive state funds for the provision of health services, including local management entities/managed care organizations, also must be connected.

What does connected mean?  To meet the state’s mandate, a Medicaid provider is “connected” when its clinical and demographic information pertaining to services paid for by Medicaid and other State-funded health care funds are being sent to the NC HIE, now called NC HealthConnex, at least twice daily – either through a direct connection to the NC HIE or via a hub (i.e. a larger system with which it participates, another HIE, or EHR vendor).  Participation agreements signed with the designated entity would need to list all affiliate connections.

Participation Agreements

The Participation Agreements for the North Carolina Health Information Exchange Authority were distributed via email and the U.S. postal service in February to all providers who were previously connected via CCNC.  If you have questions about connecting to the NC HIEA, please contact NC HIEA Customer Relations Specialist Alice Miller via email alice.miller@nc.gov or by phone: 919-754-6912.

For interested new participants: Review the current Participation Agreement.

The NC HIEA is eager to listen to provider and stakeholder input, and maintain ongoing conversations with all participants. The NC HIEA would like to thank all providers for their willingness to work collaboratively with us to ensure their patients receive the most efficient and effective care possible.

NC Health Information Exchange Advisory Board

The NC HIE Advisory Board has been established and appointments were finalized prior to the General Assembly adjourning its 2016 Short Session. The Board will provide consultation to the NC HIE Authority on the advancement and operation of the NC HIE Network, now called NC HealthConnex. It held its inaugural meeting on Monday, September 26.

Who We Are

The General Assembly of North Carolina established a state-managed Health Information Exchange Authority (NC HIEA) to oversee and administer the NC Health Information Exchange Network (NCGS 90-414.7). The NC HIEA is housed within the NC Department of Information Technology’s (DIT) Government Data Analytics Center (GDAC).

The NC HIEA operates North Carolina’s statewide health information exchange - now called NC HealthConnex - a secure, standardized electronic system in which providers can share important patient health information. The use of this system promotes the access, exchange, and analysis of health information. NC HealthConnex enables participating organizations to:

  • Save time and reduce paperwork
  • Facilitate more informed treatment decision-making
  • Improve care coordination, quality of care, and enable better health outcomes

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