How to Connect

NC HealthConnex is on a mission to link every health care provider in North Carolina to improve health care quality and outcomes. NC HealthConnex technology and tools provide near real-time, comprehensive clinical data about your patients.

While certain provider types are required to connect per the HIE Act, all providers are welcome to connect on a voluntary basis with a full participation agreement. Read more about which provider types are mandatory and which are voluntary on our What Does the Law Mandate page.

 To learn more about the connection process, you can:


Connection Step/Materials Details

Step 1:
Sign the Agreement

Full Participation Agreement

Submission Only Agreement

Start by filling out a participation agreement. Having a signed participation agreement is the way to demonstrate a good-faith effort to meeting the connection mandate. Still deciding on your EHR? You can still submit an agreement without listing an EHR vendor. Our team will process your agreement and place your organization in the queue for connection. Find detailed instructions for completing the participation agreement.
Step 2:
Welcome Packet
Once the agreement has been signed by both parties, our team will return your organization's executed Participation Agreement, along with the NC HealthConnex Welcome Packet, to begin the onboarding process.

The welcome packet contains a wealth of information to facilitate employee and patient education about your upcoming connection to NC HealthConnex. In the packet, you will find talking points, sample announcements, patient education brochure order forms and much more.

Step 3:

Enable Suite of Services (Full Participants Only)

Full participants can take advantage of our value-added services. Click the link on the left to learn what services we offer.

To request access to the NC HealthConnex Clinical Portal, contact the NC HealthConnex SAS Help Desk at For any other services, please contact the NC HIEA at

Your connection does not need to be live to begin utilizing these services.

Step 4:

Training (Full Participants Only)

The NC HIEA offers multiple training opportunities, either virtually or on-site, on how to use services such as the Clinical Portal. To request training, please submit the Training Request Form or contact one of our business development and outreach specialists.

Your connection does not need to be live to begin training on our services.

Step 5:

SAS Technical Discussions
Onboarding and Technical Specifications

When we are ready to begin building your connection, you will receive an email from our technical partners at SAS from an address ending in SAS will work directly with your EHR vendor throughout development to connect your organization.  You can also find these onboarding technical documents on our Documents and Resources page.

It can take several months or longer to begin the connection process after your agreement is signed.

Step 6:

Keep in Touch

Throughout onboarding, it’s vital that your organization’s point of contact maintain consistent communication with our technical team. This will be imperative to ensure your connection is completed successfully. Our provider relations team is available by phone or email. The NC HealthConnex SAS Help Desk can be reached at
Step 7:
Go Live
Once your organization’s technical connection is complete, you will receive an email announcing your connection to NC HealthConnex is live, and providers will begin to see your organization’s data in the Clinical Portal.
Step 8: Ongoing Support

We and our partners at SAS are here to help. Throughout the entire lifecycle of your connection and beyond, we can assist your health care organization in using NC HealthConnex for improved patient care. 

Reach out to the SAS Help Desk or the NC HIEA team.

We also have some FAQs to assist you on your journey.