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Notice: The Atrium Health data connection is back to full capacity. The individual Atrium Health hospitals will be defined in the Facility Place of Service field under the Atrium Health organization in the notifications. As a reminder, Atrium Health is sending North Carolina mandated data for state funded services only and not all patient data.

Below you will find participants that we are actively working with to resolve any disruption(s) to their connection to NC HealthConnex. The purpose of this table is to keep NC HealthConnex participants informed of interruptions to data feeds.

Facility Name Facility Type Feed Type Status Next Steps
Advent Health Health System ADT, CCD Disconnected Development actively in progress.

As a result of these temporary downtimes, other NC HealthConnex participants might experience missing data, or data fields they usually see in some of our outbound services. Examples of services that may be missing data from these facilities include NC*Notify (ADT alerts) and the Provider Clinical Portal.

Please reach out to with any questions or concerns regarding the resolution progress or service degradation that you may be experiencing because of this temporary delay. This page is updated on a regular basis for your awareness. We appreciate your patience while we work diligently to keep us all connected.

This notice will be updated with any new weather events that could affect care.

We want to remind our participating health care providers that North Carolina’s state-designated health information exchange – NC HealthConnex – is able to connect to neighboring state and regional HIEs to support access to patient records in the event that displaced citizens seek care in facilities from neighboring states.

NC HealthConnex supports bidirectional query and exchange of patient records with participation in the national eHealth Exchange Network. NC HealthConnex participants can use the clinical portal to query, view and exchange patient records, and access other features. Neighboring connections via the eHealth Exchange include:

  • East Tennessee Health Information Network (etHIN)
  • Georgia Health Information Network (GaHIN)
  • Georgia Regional Academic Community Health Information Exchange (GRAChIE)
  • MedVirginia
  • SCHIEx (South Carolina)
  • Veterans Health Information Exchange (VHIE), U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs and the U.S. Department of Defense joint health information exchange

Please note: the Florida HIE is no longer a part of the eHealth Exchange network as of January 2023.

NC HealthConnex also enables the exchange of patient data with networks in 25 states through participation in the Patient Centered Data Home (PCDH)™ national network. This secure health data exchange initiative managed by Civitas Networks for Health notifies North Carolina providers when their patients receive out-of-state care.

If you do not currently have a full participation agreement with NC HealthConnex that would allow access to the clinical portal, you can use the Emergency Access Participation Agreement to access the clinical portal during times of emergency. Email the completed PDF document to Our >NC HealthConnex Participation Agreement page provides more information and FAQs about participation agreements.

To access these connections, members of your clinical team will need Clinical Portal credentials to look up patient health information. Please follow the instructions (Participant Account Administrator Reference Guide) to proactively request these credentials. If you have questions, contact the NC HealthConnex SAS Support Desk at or 919-531-2700.

Additionally, we encourage you to pay attention to alerts from N.C. Emergency Management, including details on shelters, road closures, evacuation routes, and other essential information. Storm updates also will be available via N.C. Emergency Management’s social media platforms, including X (Twitter) and Facebook.

As always, you can reach the NC HealthConnex staff with any questions at or 919-754-6912.

The following table shows the status of former CCHIE participants that were previously sending data through that system. We are actively working to connect these facilities to NC HealthConnex to restore these data feeds.

Facility Name Feed Type Status
Shipyard Medical Center ADT, CCD Intake Process: Pending CSC
Boiling Springs Lakes Family Medicine ADT, CCD Intake Process: Pending CSC
Landfall Family Practice ADT, CCD Intake Process: Pending CSC
Atkins Family Practice ADT, CCD Intake Process: Pending CSC
Botros & Pollock, PA ADT, CCD Intake Process: Pending CSC
Atlantic Brain and Spine ADT, CCD Intake Process: Pending CSC
Jacksonville Children's and Multispecialty Clinic ADT, CCD Intake Process: Pending CSC
Woodbury Wellness Center, Inc. ADT, CCD Intake Process
Liberty Healthcare Group, LLC ADT, CCD Intake Process
The Laurels of Pender ADT, CCD Intake Process
Davis Health Care Center ADT, CCD Technical Discussion
Carolina Infectious Disease Consultants, PC ADT, CCD Connectivity Build
Wilmington Health PLLC ADT, CCD Connectivity Build
J Arthur Dosher Memorial Hospital ADT, CCD Hospital EMR: ADT & CCD in development
Ambulatory EMR: Connectivity in progress
New Hanover County Health & Human Services Public Health Division ADT, CCD Development Underway
Delaney Radiologists Group ADT, CCD Development Underway
Atlantic Internal Medicine ADT, CCD Stage UAT: Waiting for Data
Intracoastal Internal Medicine ADT, CCD Stage UAT: Waiting for Data
Lumberton Family and Urgent Care Center ADT, CCD Stage UAT: Waiting for Data

The Coastal Connect Health Information Exchange (CCHIE) closed on Tuesday, August 8, 2023. Even though CCHIE support resources are no longer available, the NC HIEA team is ready to support the transition needs of those affected.

Many CCHIE participants are actively transitioning their data feeds to NC HealthConnex. The NC HIEA is maintaining a detailed roster of previous CCHIE participants and can provide more information about what data can be expected to be available upon request. More information on the transition can be found here.

We highly encourage former CCHIE participants to complete a NC HIEA Participation Agreement if they have not already done so. The PDF form may be completed electronically and emailed to

Signing a participation agreement and actively engaging in the onboarding process with your technical vendor and the NC HIEA demonstrates a good-faith effort to meet the connection mandate. To learn more, please see our What Does the Law Mandate? page.

In addition to meeting the requirements of the mandate, those with a Full Participation Agreement can enjoy the benefits of our value-added services. Please remember you do not have to be live and sending data to utilize our services; you may begin as soon as your full participation agreement has been executed.

If you have specific questions regarding your practice or need additional information, please contact our team at 919-754-6912 or We look forward to hearing from and working with you in the days to come.

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