NC*Notify Specifications & Release Notes

NC*Notify Release Notes

These release notes detail upgrades and enhancements made with N.C. Notify Version 4.5.1, launched in March 2024.

NC*Notify Version 4.5.1 Specifications

NC*Notify v4.5.1, released in March 2024, is targeted at organizations that can generate a patient panel, that may wish to integrate notification files into their systems and that often have a high volume of patients for whom they would like to receive notifications. 

NC*Notify Version 4.5.1+ Specifications

NC*Notify v4.5+, released in March 2024, is suitable for organizations that want to leverage the enhanced features offered by the NC HealthConnex platform for automatically building patient panels and downstream processing and coordination of follow-up activities. NC*Notify v4.5.1+ also has the capability to send alerts for additional events based on data in the NC HealthConnex patient longitudinal records.