Work Groups

Work groups are an important component of the N.C. Health Information Exchange Authority's strategy to gather stakeholder input as we work to help providers meet the state's requirements for connection, as well as develop use cases to promote adoption and use of NC HealthConnex. Below are the current work groups that have been formed.

Behavioral Health Work Group – The Behavioral Health Work Group provides an educational forum for behavioral health and intellectual disability disorder providers, industry trade organizations, state agency partners and vendors to work together in a collaborative environment. The group meets as needed and is working to inform a connection strategy to onboard behavioral health providers to NC HealthConnex, as well as develop use cases for the integration of physical and behavioral health. If you are interested in learning more about this work group, please email

Clinical Data User Group - The Clinical Data Work Group focuses on clinical user feedback related to services and data quality. This work group last met on July 31, 2023. Full participants of NC HealthConnex that make use of bidirectional connections and/or the Clinical Portal are invited to become a part of this work group. If you are interested in learning more about this work group, please email

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Dental Work Group – The Dental Work Group is composed of dentists, state agency partners and technical vendors the group explores the technology requirements for connection to NC HealthConnex and educates providers about the state's requirements and the value of exchange for whole patient care. This group is held in partnership with the North Carolina Dental Society. For more information, please email

Use Case Work Group – The Use Case Work Group (UCW) reviews qualifying applications for new and innovative uses of HIE data and provides the NC HIEA with recommendations for approval/denial and prioritizes requests. The primary purpose of the UCW is to provide expert review of NC HealthConnex use cases that are allowable within the statutory permitted purposes.  The committee reviewers will further ensure that the proposed use cases are broadly applicable to the overall healthcare community within the state of North Carolina. For more information or to fill out an application, please email

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