Patient FAQs

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At this time, patient access to NC HealthConnex is not functional. As North Carolina continues its focus on patient-centered population health to improve health care outcomes, it is possible that the N.C. Health Information Exchange Authority will look to expand this functionality at some date in the future.

Under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, health information organizations, such as the N.C. Health Information Exchange Authority, are considered “business associates” of your health care providers who submit patient data to us. Business associates are not required to respond to patient requests for a copy of their patient data unless the business associate has agreed to do so in its agreement with health care providers. We are not currently set up to respond directly to patient requests. However, you can ask your health care providers directly for a copy of your patient data, and we will assist them in responding to that request.

As soon as your opt-out form is received in the mail, it goes into processing, which takes approximately two business days. Use either the opt-out form in English and the opt-form in Spanish.

Yes. You can fill out an accounting of disclosures form. Please note that the N.C. Health Information Exchange Authority does not have to report where your information is sent for certain purposes, including treatment, which is the main reason why data is exchanged by and through NC HealthConnex. Please remember to mail a hard copy of your form to NC HIEA.

Use either the accounting of disclosures form in English or the accounting of disclosures form in Spanish.

Unfortunately, because the opt-out form and the accounting of disclosure form contain personally identifiable information, email is not a secure way to submit this information. The security of your personally identifiable information is of utmost importance to the N.C. Health Information Exchange Authority.