For Providers

Hospitals, physician practices and other health entities are making the NC HealthConnex connection. Don’t delay. Connect today.

Participating providers with an ONC-certified EHR product or those that can send HL7 version 2.0 and higher can support connection to NC HealthConnex, enabling them to access, locate and share needed patient health information with other providers at the point of care. See the links below to learn more about NC HealthConnex and the steps you need to take to begin the connection process.

Learn the steps to connect with our network of providers.

Agreements, onboarding specifications and user guides to help providers navigate NC HealthConnex.

Steps to connect and resources for pharmacies.

Resources for Behavioral Health and Intellectual/Developmental Disability providers.

Information on the connection mandate, deadlines and who is required to connect.

Our privacy and security safeguards meet or exceed federal, state and local requirements.

Learn how to get in-person and online training on using NC HealthConnex.

Full participants can access data within NC HealthConnex for patient care.