Conditions of Participation for Hospital Electronic Notifications

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services requires that all hospitals meet its conditions of participation for electronic notifications. Hospitals must ensure that they make reasonable efforts to send electronic notifications to primary care providers, skilled nursing facilities and other health care facilities at the request of either the provider or patient. 

NC*Notify, the state-designated health information exchange's subscription-based notification service, offers the ability to meet the requirements of this rule.

To meet the CoP's rule language, hospitals may need to add a few data elements to their admit, discharge and transfer feeds. These additions are needed to include the defined information required for notifications and for NC*Notify to accurately route notifications to the proper providers.

Hospitals should inform the NC*Notify team as they update workflows, processes and electronic health care records systems to capture the appropriate recipients of notifications. These changes might necessitate updates to the ADT feed.

Contact the NC*Notify team at to find out more about what is needed for hospital ADT feeds to meet compliance. The NC*Notify team can assist with additional information, questions or clarifications about these specifications and the CoP hospital electronic notification requirement.