How NC*Notify Works

How Does NC*Notify Work?

Initially, NC*Notify will use hospital ADTs and visits from all other participant facilities as triggers for the notification.*

Participants registered for this feature will provide a list of patients with whom they have an existing relationship via a flat file. NC*Notify scans NC HealthConnex for activity on the defined patient panel and provides batch reports at custom delivery intervals back to the participant.

It’s that simple.

*Later versions will offer alternative delivery mechanisms, additional triggering criteria and additional data elements within the alerts.

What is Required to Sign Up?

To enroll in NC*Notify, participants, must have:

  • A signed Full Participation Agreement (2017 or 2018 version)
  • A completed NC*Notify enrollment form 
  • A patient list that the participant would like to track (sent via secure FTP)
  • A mechanism for receiving alerts (secure FTP)

More detailed information available in the NC*Notify Specifications document.

Please click here for more information and frequently asked questions.

    How to Receive Notifications

    • A patient list that the participant would like to track (sent via Secure FTP)
    • Mechanism for receiving alerts (Secure FTP)