How NC*Notify Works

Infographic Explaining How NC*Notify Works

NC*Notify uses hospital admission, discharge and transfer systems and visits to all other participant facilities as triggers for notifications.

Participants registered for this feature will provide a list of patients with whom they have existing relationships via a flat file. NC*Notify will scan NC HealthConnex for activity on the defined patient panel and send batch reports to the participant at custom delivery intervals.

Here's an example of how NC*Notify works.

  1. A patient goes to the hospital or urgent care.
  2. The patient has x-rays and other tests.
  3. The hospital or urgent care sends information about the patient's visit to NC HealthConnex.
  4. NC HealthConnex notifies the patient's provider about the visit.
  5. The patient's provider makes a follow-up appointment for any additional care.

It’s that simple.

* Later versions will offer alternative delivery mechanisms, additional triggering criteria and more data elements within the alerts.