NC*Notify Benefits

NC*Notify is a subscription-based service that notifies providers as their patients receive services across the care continuum.

Based on admission, discharge and transfer data received from more than 140 participating hospitals, plus encounter data from more than 7,000 ambulatory care settings, NC*Notify real-time event notifications provide care teams with valuable information that spans geographic and care settings and supports state and federal efforts to focus on patient-centered care.

Using NC*Notify comes with many benefits, including:

  • NC*Notify notifies providers when their patients have received care in other care settings (e.g., hospitals, primary care practices, specialty practices, county health departments and behavioral health facilities).
  • NC*Notify gives providers insights to check in with patients after events and to schedule follow-up appointments for clinical interventions.
  • NC*Notify reduces avoidable hospital readmissions and improves coordination across the care continuum.
  • NC*Notify helps providers achieve financial goals under value-based care contracts.
  • NC*Notify helps providers comply with state and federal quality initiatives, including meaningful use and promoting interoperability.
  • NC*Notify allows for increased provider reimbursement for rapid follow-up to a patient’s hospital admission (if billed per correct CPT codes).